Tattoos and Taboos

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. To be honest, this is a pretty big thing to me because I’m not very good with pain at all, and the thought of having something permanently etched into my skin is quite intimidating. But after getting a few ideas of what I could get, all with their own special meanings to me, I’ve decided it’s about time I get one.

The first tattoo I’ve been thinking of getting is a semi colon on my wrist. I first saw this tattoo in something called ‘Project Semicolon’. This is an organisation dedicated to the prevention of suicide and is aimed to ‘present hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self-injury’. You can find out more about Project Semicolon here. So a semicolon tattoo represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention. I’ve also heard a good quote related to this, which is ‘A semicolon is where you could have ended the sentence, but decided not to’ which I think is simple but meaningful. This idea really stuck with me, as a person who has both struggled with and experienced these issues, and if I do get a tattoo, this will be the first one I get.

Another tattoo idea I’ve thought of is a tattoo inspired by a song/song lyric, but I’m stuck between which one to get. The first idea is the lyric ‘Don’t lose your fight’ from Missing You by All Time Low. I find myself listening to this song whenever I fall into one of my slumps or when I feel like I can’t escape the darkness that seems to be surrounding me. This song reminds me that I can get out of the darkness and that it is not permanent. The other song inspired tattoo is ‘Sometimes’ which is an extra track from The Vamps’ newest album. One of the main lyrics on this song is ‘It’s ok not to be ok sometimes’ which I feel a strong affiliation with, as it reminds me that it ok to feel low sometimes. So, as you can see, both of these ideas are very close to my heart and deciding between them is nigh on impossible.

The next tattoo that I’ve thought about getting is something Harry Potter related. This is one of those ideas that I thought would be good, but not actually properly thought what I would want to get. It’s a tie between the Deathly Hallows symbol, or a quote from one of the books. The only issue with that is I love so many quotes from Harry Potter, all with their own significant meaning, that I don’t think I would actually be able to choose just one. I’ve got to think a bit more on this.

The last tattoo I’ve been thinking of getting is a tattoo of my dog’s paw print. I love my dogs to pieces and obviously, as sad as it is to think, I know she won’t be around forever so it would be nice to have that permanent little reminder of her. I always joke that my dog is the only thing that I will ever have unconditional love for in my life, but the best way to explain my love for my dog is through none other than Rosa Diaz…


When I spoke to my family about potentially getting a tattoo, many of them said ‘You’ve got be careful where you get it though, if you want to get a job in a school’ (which is my eventual aim). But this just got me thinking, why do tattoos affect your job prospects? Surely having tattoos doesn’t make you any less capable of doing your job?

Many people who I have asked about this have simply said that most employers expect a certain amount of professionalism, and that tattoos aren’t professional. There’s a whole taboo around having tattoos which somehow makes you less professional. I could understand if the tattoos were inappropriate or had profanities, but it shouldn’t matter if I have sleeves of tattoos. If I can do my job to my employer’s expectations or more, then what is the issue?

Luckily for me, the tattoos that I want to get are quite simple and pretty easily covered, but it has made me think twice about getting them. I don’t people to judge me just based on the fact I’ve got permanent artwork on my skin.

And as this post comes to a close, I will leave you with a quote that I, and many other people, have grown up with; ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’. Even if the cover is a bit more colourful.

That’s all for this week, if you feel like you could relate feel free to get in touch in the comments below.

See you guys soon,

An Anxious Gal


7 Replies to “Tattoos and Taboos”

  1. I got my first tattoo this summer after I overcame a serious health complication. I struggle with intense anxiety and I wanted a reminder that I will be okay. Here’s my post if you want to check out my story and tattoo.
    But, I wanted to weigh in and say that the professional world is really changing. I’m a high school teacher and my tattoo is on my forearm which is easy to conceal if I want to, but I don’t really like to. It’s a reminder to me that I can overcome ANYTHING. My principals are accepting of the tattoo because they know the meaning behind it and I’ve really gotten no pushback from admin or students about it showing. I know all workplaces are different, but the world really is more accepting and if you really want it do it for you. Don’t let other’s perceptions get to you. Do it for YOU!

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